Kicking off the next revolution beyond genomics: multiomics


Illumina is the undisputed leader in genomics—but as an innovator, they knew their work wasn’t finished. Proteomics, metabolomics, epigenomics and all the other multiomic disciplines must be activated and commercialized to improve human health. How could they bring this exciting vision to life for customers, and extend their lead into a new frontier?


CG Life created a multichannel campaign around the theme of More with Multiomics, culminating in the MORE (Multiomics Research Event) Symposium. Every component of the program showed researchers how Illumina’s initiative will accelerate drug discovery for complex diseases—and positioned Illumina as the leaders in the expanding field.

Multiomics KOL Video

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The program succeeded in positioning Illumina as the leading source for the multiomics platforms and technology that will propel research in the next decade.

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2021 Marcom Awards – Platinum
Print Media Advertising Campaign

2021 Marcom Awards – Platinum
Print Media Design

2022 Hermes Awards – Platinum
Integrated Marketing Campaign

2022 Hermes Awards – Platinum
Print Advertising Campaign

2022 Hermes Awards – Platinum
Electronic Media, Video Series

2022 Hermes Awards – Gold
Print Media Publication, Brochure

“The Illumina Multiomics campaign has been so successful because CG Life truly understood our vision for this campaign and translated it into the award-winning creative and messaging. We picked the right concept from the beginning due to this perfect understanding of what we were trying to achieve.”

Aude Rayssiguier
Senior Staff Marketing Manager