Increasing share of voice for an
emerging CRISPR therapeutics startup



Emendo Biotherapeutics is aiming its precisely engineered CRISPR gene editing platform at providing new hope for currently untreatable genetic disorders. As a late-stage startup poised for rapid growth, they needed fresh media momentum around their technologies and expert executive team to attract potential partners and investors.


CG Life’s quick-start media relations campaign boosted their media share of voice, elevated the EmendoBio brand and C-suite executives, and showcased their best-in-class technical differentiators. Our carefully crafted technical messaging and big-picture narratives positioned the brand perfectly for upcoming funding rounds and important clinical milestones.

Broadcast/Podcast/Live Interviews, Media Commentary, Thought Leadership Byline Articles, Targeted Social Media

The Evolution and Promise of Gene Therapies

David Baram – CRISPR Interview – BIO CEO 2023

La Biotech Article


In just 6 months, CG Life built incredible momentum in the media
and captured the full attention of our target demographics.

Total program audience

Increase in EmendoBio content indexed on Google

Interviews = 35 total media hits in 6 months