What You Cared About in 2016

Throughout the controversy and excitement of 2016—from presidential elections and Brexit to novel technologies and unlikely sports champions—there has been one unwavering constant.


These are the most popular Chemunity posts from 2016. Stay tuned for 2017!

  1. J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2017: Higher Stakes than Ever Before [Plus Insider’s Guide]. With a new J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference comes a new insider’s guide. We draw on years of experience at the conference to bring you the best places to network, chow down, and have a good time.

  2. Marketing Case Study: Growth Hacking the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. Our J.P. Morgan Guide is more than just a useful map of San Francisco. It’s also an example of growth hacking, SEO, and content marketing gone right. This is how we bought in over 17,000 visitors (with 0 advertising dollars).

  3. Driving Web Traffic With Reddit: How I launched my blog with 100,000 visitors in the first week [Plus Free Guide]. Reddit is a difficult beast for marketers. But with over a billion visitors a month, it can be an enormous source of traffic. Drawing on real, repeated successes, we teach you how to get a slice of the Reddit traffic pie.

  4. What Are the Best Websites for Science News? We Have Your List. Scientific research is constantly advancing—and being reported. There are over 2.5 million articles published each year, in addition to movement and changes throughout the industry. Keeping up with constant change can be difficult, but these are the best websites to help you stay informed.

  5. CG Scientists Series: Todd Kuna, Account Director. How can a scientist transition to life and work outside of the lab? Chempetitive Group is full of scientists-turned-marketers; this edition of the CG Scientists Series invites you into the story of Account Director Todd Kuna.

  6. A Bright Future for Pharma and Biotech in 2016. The EP Vantage Pharma & Biotech 2016 Preview report showed you the trajectory of pharma and biotech in 2016. What were the big trends in product launches and biosimilars?

  7. Going to BIO? Top 5 Things to Do While You’re in San Francisco. Did you go to the BIO International Convention in 2016? We caught up with five longtime attendees to let you in on their favorite things to do in San Francisco.

  8. Content Marketing Strategy in Action: Under Armour’s Play in the Digital Health Space. Most people think of content marketing as a strategy focused on online writing with uncertain ROI. But not all content is written and, as this example illustrates, there is significant value in having a subscribed audience.

  9. Pull the Plug: The Value of Unbranded Content. How much of your content is plastered with company mentions and logos? There is value to branded content, but producing unbranded content allows you to reach and build trust with a much larger audience.

  10. It’s Not Me, It’s You: Social Media Posts That Target Your Audience. It’s tempting to tweet about yourself, but effective social media marketing means focusing on your audience and industry. We give you five ways to increase the social media visibility of your company without alienating your audience through excessive self-promotion.

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