Thinking Up Something Better: A Front Row Seat for Innovation

We would love to be Einstein’s go-to agency, but time travel isn’t safe yet. Plus, as life science marketers, we have the privilege of working alongside today’s scientists as they work to introduce something better. We get a front row seat to view the attempts — both successful and, well, less so — to bring about the next big innovation. We get to watch groundbreaking research conducted, next generation lab instrumentation developed, novel and life-altering therapeutics trialed, and life-saving medical devices designed.

Despite our occasional bouts of cynicism, we occasionally stand in awe of our clients’ science at times. We’re talking about science that will someday cure your cancer, provide you with that transplant, head off that aneurysm, or fight that disease before it ever even has a chance to take hold. The technologies and treatments to which we are privy are often in their infancy or adolescence, but it is this generation of innovation that is likely to keep me alive and alert well beyond my current life expectancy. More importantly, these inventions will afford my children (and someday their children) a quality of life nearly unimaginable today.

Ah… innovation. I couldn’t think of anything better.