The Scientist is Dead. Long Live The Scientist.

Like many across the life sciences, we were shocked to learn earlier this week that The Scientist – a reading staple of science news and insights for researchers in industry and academia for more than 25 years – would cease publication. Working in life science PR, I suppose that I shouldn’t have been shocked to learn this given the continuing transformation and digitization of media. Yet, you expect trusted sources of information that have developed a brand and credibility with their audiences to last forever.

For life science companies looking to market through The Scientist, the loss would have meant embracing that change and finding new channels. Easier said than done considering the need to market through a channel that has already established itself as a trusted and credible source with the target audience.

We must simply embrace the fact that change is a constant. Companies must be vigilant about adapting the way that they communicate their brands and market their products or services, as well as be mindful of how that channel is perceived by their target audiences. After all, the channel has a brand of its own.

Fortunately, The Scientist appears to be getting a second life. LabX Media Group appears poised to purchase the publication from publisher ScienceNow and continue with the same editorial team. In a world marked by change, a little constant might be a good thing.