Say Goodbye to Seven

Some of us are also still recovering from catching up with our friends at our 4th annual Rock the Roof party. For those who couldn’t make it, plan on coming next year.

Anyway, back to the new site. We have come a long way since our domain was purchased. Here’s a quick trip down memory lane.

In 2001, Murad rolled up his sleeves and coded a badass placeholder to put the chemical industry on notice that a new group of marketing professionals had been formed. In 2003, we experimented with the use of colored boxes for a better call to action. In 2005, we had enough success stories that it was time to show them off. Among our proud accomplishments was helping grow Arcadia Biosciences and showing a 10x marketing return for GenUs Biosystems.

In 2006, we launched a radically different theme. We had sweet rollovers (Precipitate, Elements) and believe it or not, the site design remained until yesterday. Of course, even with the same design, the framework had to change. In 2007, a cocky online marketing director decided to ditch the table-based design and catch the codebase up with the times.

In 2008, a few days prior to the BIO Convention in San Diego, we took a Sharpie to the website and left the corrections for the world to see. Our Sharpie marks are now integrated in our company culture. In 2009, the last major update occurred when we shifted our content management to Drupal. At Chempetitive Group, we love Drupal. In fact, look for us at Chicago DrupalCon in 2011.

So here we are.

Feel free to surf our site, because it’s 6:35pm PST, and I’m going surfing before the sun sets. If I could leave you with a couple recommendations, be sure to visit our Quick Facts page if you’re new, and stop by our Results page if you want to see some of our capabilities in action.

Thanks for dropping by.