The Road to Analytica 2016

Location: International Congress Center München (ICM)

Foreigners dub Munich “the city of laptops and Lederhosen,” with its thriving tech industry juxtaposed against old-world German architecture, tradition, and most importantly beer. This May 10-12, the city will host Analytica– a biennial conference that’s the world’s largest industry gathering for modern laboratory processes.

Here’s what you need to know about the conference to make the most of your time in the land of laptops, Lederhosen, and lab tech:

Why Attend?

Theories are important, but scientists value proof. That’s exactly what Analytica delivers. The conference is geared toward laboratory technology immediately applicable today. Attendees can view the latest science systems in action – demonstrated at the conference’s three fully stocked laboratories. This year’s daily “live labs” will focus on material and food analysis.

The fact that it’s enormous and global also makes things interesting. Analytica is the largest trade show in its field – at 35,384 visitors, 2014’s conference was the size of a small city. Some 116 countries were represented at the previous conference, and it’s part of a global network of trade fairs, including Analytica China, Analytica Vietnam, and Analytica Anacon India. Take advantage of the opportunity Analytica presents to make international inroads.

The caliber of the attendees is also worth noting. Many of the multi-national guests are decision-makers involved in cutting-edge technologies. Almost half of 2014’s attendees held management positions, and almost half worked in industry or academic R&D.

Themes to Expect This Year:

See how the sausage is made. Food analysis is more important than ever as a conference topic, says Analytica’s PR manager, Kathrin Hagel. Standards are higher than ever for identifying compounds present in foods –and labeling packaging accordingly. In an April 21 press release, Hagel revealed that newer methods for detecting pathogenic germs, pesticides, and heavy metals will be featured at Analytica – as will techniques for identifying genetically modified crops and allergenic ingredients.

Lab 4.0. Automation, digitalization, big data – visitors at Analytica will present on how these rapidly maturing technologies will shape next-gen laboratories. Look for “nexygen®—THE NEXT GENERATION LAB,” a sponsored exhibition that will explore these high-buzz concepts.

Safety First! Whether your lab is a paragon of safe practice, or a collection of mislabeled beakers and singed eyebrows, everyone can benefit from specialized safety workshops. At the “Workplace” in Hall B2, check out live demonstrations of worst-case scenarios in the lab, from fires and explosions to leaked hazardous materials.

Your German-to-English Cheat Sheet

Hello/good day Guten Tag
Nice to meet you Es freut mich, Sie kennenzulernen
Thank you Danke Schon
Excuse me/sorry Entschuldigung
Who do you work for? Für wen arbeitest du?
May I have your contact information? Darf Ich ihre Kontaktinformation haben?
Where are the free samples? Wo sind die kostenlose Produktproben?
Does that exhibit have beer? Hat die Austellung Bier?
I’d like one beer, please! Ich hätte gern ein glas Bier, bitte!
Goodbye! Aufwiedersehen!

Are you going to Analytica 2016? So are we! Need some last-second pointers on the meeting?

Reach out to Chempetitive Group’s PR director, Ken Li, to schedule a time or just to get together at the show. Be aware: he’s fluent in biochemistry, but may have trouble understanding your German.**