Professional Content Creation Tailored to the Buyer’s Journey

In the past, many people took a passive approach to professional content creation. They wrote blog posts filled with fluff and inserted hyperlinks to boost up their SEO rankings, and that was it. But now folks are getting smarter with their inbound marketing methodology and more proactive about how they harness the power of content marketing. By understanding the Buyer’s Journey
(how buyers arrive at a purchase decision), you can leverage your content to spark interest, capture attention, and spur your audience to action.


What are the key stages and what content can effectively target them? Here we recommend some of the best ways to create targeted content that moves your leads through their research journey, all the way to a successful closing sale.

Awareness (Prospects)
Key Question: “How do I improve X?”
Content Aim: Credibility
Content Types: Solution Pages, Blog Posts, Articles, Social Media
Branding: Light

Consideration (Leads)
Key Question: “What approaches improve X?
Content Aim: Differentiate
Content Types: Market Pages, Webinars, Whitepapers, Guides & eBooks
Branding: Medium

Decision (Opportunites)
Key Question: “Which product best improves X?”
Content Aim: Influence
Content Types: Services Pages, Vendor Comparisons, Product Guides, Demos
Branding: Heavy

Advocate (Customers)
Key Question: “How did it improve X?”
Content Aim: Justification
Content Types: Case Studies, Site Visits, Speaking Events, Testimonials
Branding: Heavy


Remember that marketing with professional content creation is an ongoing process that requires consistency and a commitment to strategy. This inbound marketing methodology is more indirect than traditional marketing methods, and it can be time consuming to develop the right content or repurpose existing content. But the payoff is worth it. Content marketing builds a brand, and gives companies depth and personality.

This excerpt was adapted from Chapter 5 of our Life Science Marketing Field Guide. Ready for more? Get access to the full Field Guide below.

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