Our Guidelines to Gain Strategic Marketing Value Through AI and Emerging Technologies

We stand at an inflection point in technological history, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to revolutionize how we approach our professional and personal lives. The staggering rate of innovation in this field challenges us to understand its impact, applications, and possible positive outcomes, not only for the marketing sector but numerous other industries. Websites like theresanaiforthat.com update their mushrooming list of AI platforms daily, and the sheer potential of the thousands of available options is daunting and inspiring. AI is, no doubt, the future.

How will CG Life approach AI tech innovations? We, along with other agencies, are investigating how to use these platforms best to reinforce our work for our clients. In our internal discussions, we have built an initial set of guidelines to dovetail the advantages of the imminent technology with our commitment to our core values. We’ll share them now with you.

We are embracing the power of AI and the benefits they provide. By leveraging large language, and generative models, we can repurpose time spent on production tasks towards strategic thinking, yielding stronger campaign results. ​​AI algorithms analyze vast amounts of data more accurately than humans can, but their application depends on our creativity and direction. Automating repetitive tasks will redirect our energy to high-level strategic decisions, such as personalizing digital campaigns, predicting conversion rates, and optimizing email marketing campaigns. In fact, the tools and platforms we use are also implementing AI technology to improve their services, further amplifying our impact. 

We do not blindly accept AI output. Rather, we validate everything according to the scientific values we share with our clients. AI data is a starting point that directs us to valuable insights we can incorporate into our workflows. We must assess the origins of all data, as AI models are incapable of critical thinking, at least for now. As noted by the Washington Post, these tools aggregate data from a number of unverified and verified sources. As a scientifically-minded agency, we question each result to ensure we use only accurate and reliable data. 

AI will not replace our work but supplement it. As a strategic partner for our clients, we are purpose-driven with everything we do. The development of effective marketing campaigns requires a robust understanding of interrelated industry factors that, as a whole, direct us to an optimal brand strategy. As technology allows easier ways to create websites, blog posts, and creative concepts, it can be tempting to accept the first answer an AI tool spits out. By design, the technology uses common language patterns to craft familiar and possible responses. AI has raised the bar for content that is “good enough.” However, to achieve true marketing excellence, human ingenuity is still an asset AI cannot replicate.

Last, we adhere to the ethical use of all new tools and technologies. Already, some marketers use AI language models to score “quick wins” with keyword-rich content for SEO purposes, yet their outputs are contextually poor and factually incorrect. AI-generated creative imaging may be eye-catching, but wait until you hear from the copyrighted sources the platform plagiarized (or count the number of fingers the subjects have). Haphazard content will be commonplace, confirming that investment in high-quality production is still the best way to stand apart from the pack. Tools already exist that can identify AI-generated content. We choose to create successful campaigns that can stand the test of time. Cheap, sloppy wins are not in our playbook.

The AI movement is in its infancy, and as the tools mature, they will only become more powerful and widespread. These technologies will create new opportunities we cannot yet imagine. Content ownership will evolve from traditional authorship to the ability to distinguish your voice from the rest.

We’re up to the task. As an agency, we will experiment with these new computational breakthroughs to supplement and optimize our work for our clients. This is only the beginning, which is why we’re launching a monthly newsletter focused on AI and digital marketing technology. Sign up to stay updated on the newest breakthroughs and their implementation, and join us as we navigate the new realms of AI advancement.

Want to learn more about how we are using AI to continue to add strategic marketing value to your campaign? Don’t hesitate to contact us.