Native Advertising for the Life Sciences: Navigating a New Type of Content

There’s a lot of buzz about native advertising in the life science marketing and media universe. But for all of the talk, it seems few people really know what native advertising is. To bring you up to speed on native advertising and its impact on the science industry, we’ve developed a series of three articles that explore the issue from different angles:

Native Advertising Part 1: What Is It and Why Should I Care?

In a media landscape that’s clearly in transition, native advertising fills a need for content and revenue at publications in the life science industry and beyond. It’s important for communicators in the life science industry to be aware of the trends and understand whether it’s an opportunity they’d like to explore. Read more >

Native Advertising Part 2: Both Sides of the Debate

Love it or loathe it, the world of media and advertising has changed. With budget-crunched newsrooms cutting their staff to the bone, publications are exploring new advertising models that also fulfill their need for content. Native advertising has become a part of the solution, funneling more content and more money to publications. But is this a good thing for the publishing industry? Read more >

Native Advertising Part 3: Life Science Q&A With GEN’s Bill Levine

A number of mainstream media outlets — including the New York Times and Fortune — have been early adopters of native advertising. But what about trade publications? And more specifically, does native advertising have a place in life science publishing? Bill Levine, director of digital media for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), provides valuable insight into this discussion. He has personal experience navigating the new world of native advertising, orchestrating the launch GEN’s BioPerspectives native ad content portal in 2013. Read more >