Do You Speak Science?

Healthcare has experienced a self-rediscovery. Tools and technologies that were once exclusive to the lab are now being applied in new and exciting ways to help people in clinical settings. As the worlds of healthcare and life sciences collide, organizations need effective strategies to speak to both.

Our managing partner, Erik Clausen, wrote about this topic for an article featured in the Healthcare PR issue of O’Dwyer’s PR magazine.

He discussed the importance of on-point messaging of science and healthcare in an era of accelerated access to information, and what that means for PR professionals working in this industry. Telling human stories, he said, are a big part of reaching audiences that would otherwise be overwhelmed by scientific jargon.

“A human story acts as a bridge to the science. The more human, the more we can relate. The more we can relate, the more likely we are to understand the underlying science,” Erik said in the article.

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