Chemchella 2016 Recap

Good music, good food, good drinks and puns. Is there a better way to celebrate the friends of Chempetitive Group? We don’t think so.

Chemchella2016 was a success, all thanks to you. Although the night is sadly over, the party lives on right here.

Altered Stage was rocking out.

Shout out to all of the Chemchella talent for being, well, talented. You all made the event something special.

Bass: Jeff Bergau, Managing Partner
Drums: Steve Johnson, Managing Partner
Guitar: Cristina Filipescu, Operations Manager
Guitar: Murad Sabzali, Managing Partner
Guitar: Jason Steele, Lead Guitar Instructor at Altered Stage
Guitar: Jane Kollmer, Content Editor
Guitar: Erik Clausen, Managing Partner
Vocals: Jen Dama, Account Manager

Check out photos from the second floor photo booth here.You guys rocked it.

(Scroll to the bottom and click “Chemchella 2016”) Password: 10272016

The sounds of Chemchella don’t have to stop just because the party is over. Listen to our Chemchella Spotify playlist here. Each song is handpicked by yours truly, the staff members of Chempetitive Group.

Again, thanks for your brilliant energy at #Chemchella2016. We’ll see you next year!