Best Podcast Shows Life Science Public Relations Professionals Should Listen To

Best Podcast Shows Life Science Public Relations Professionals Should Listen To

In public relations, knowing what is happening in the industry is vital to establishing and maintaining the ‘relations’ part of the job. While most Life Science PR teams monitor newsletters and skim articles each day to keep a finger on the pulse, valuable time should also be spent in podcastland as the best podcast shows often go a bit deeper to give additional insight, a good anecdote, or reveal the humanity behind what is often considered a fairly stoic industry.Best Podcast Shows Life Science Public Relations Professionals Should Listen To

In the 30-60 minutes you spend listening to a podcast show, hosts bring you into a world where you’re able to get an understanding of what drives life science entrepreneurs. And it is not uncommon to maybe even get a little jazzed by the technological advancements being developed throughout the world. Here is a list of the top podcasts PR professionals in the life science industry should be listening to.

Best Life Science Podcasts To Listen To

The Long Run with Luke Timmerman

This is no run of the mill C-suite interview of “tell me what your company does and how it will impact healthcare” podcast show. Instead, Luke Timmerman, an Everest-climbing staple in biotechnology journalism, invites top entrepreneurs who are refreshingly willing to discuss the journey of bringing revolutionary technologies to the world. Luke and his guests wade past the canned responses to discuss the good, the bad, and the crazy needed to make it in this industry.

For a special treat, take a listen to Signal podcast, which Luke hosted with Meg Tirrell for short time in 2016. The two of them did an incredible job at explaining how medicines get made.


Growth in any field comes from connections, sharing ideas, and questioning the standard quo.  There is no one more mindful of this process than Theral Timpson, host and producer of Mendelspod. In this podcast show, Theral and his guest, often the who’s who of the life sciences, focus on a question that reexamines current trends and provides a deeper insight to the things going right and what may need to be improved. Theral’s enthusiasm for learning, discovery, and exploring new ways of looking at the state of the industry keep us coming back to his podcast time and time again.

The Readout LOUD

Want to know what has been happening with top pharma and biotech companies in the last week? Tune into STAT’s weekly podcast show with journalists Damian Garde, Adam Feuerstein, and Rebecca Robbins as they rehash the week’s events, give timely shout-outs to The Rock, and throw in a few opportune scandals here and there.

Human Proof Concept!

Let’s be real, most life science companies wouldn’t exist without venture capitalists. So what they have to say, who they are saying it to, and how they view the industry are important. Janelle Anderson, managing partner at CTI Life Sciences Fund, leverages that clout to provide industry insights with leading VCs, CEOs, and top executives who shape the space.

The Bio Report

Who are the movers and shakers taking the lead at the intersection of biotechnology with business, science, and policy? Veteran journalist Dan Levine knows because he has sat down with countless individuals who have recognized a need in society and have dedicated their lives to finding a solution. These interviews cover everything from the impact of proposed legislation on genetic privacy to presenting a case for calling aging a disease. Tune into this biotech podcast if you are looking for insight on a wide variety of engaging industry topics.

On the Media

So, you’ve listened to the above podcasts, know what is happening in the industry, and are ready to relate to the media. This podcast, hosted by Bob Garfield and Brook Gladstone, is about said media and how they do what they do. The podcast covers a wide variety of fields, but the takeaways are just as applicable to life science reporters.

Life Science Marketing Radio

While public relations and marketing can often be two different beasts, understanding the approaches marketers take to reach their audiences can provide valuable insight to PR pros. Join host Chris Conner as he talks with marketing leaders inside and outside the sciences who share their creative ideas and practical applications to increasing marketing ROI. Who knows? You may even catch CG Life’s very own Jeremiah Worth, VP of Client Strategy, giving tips on how geotargeting can give your audience a happy surprise.

The Best Podcast Shows Relay News You Can Use

Best Podcast Shows Life Science Public Relations Professionals Should Listen To
There are certainly many more shows available to plug into for enriching your life, expanding your mind, and making you better at your job.  So do it. Keep learning, keep growing, and keep working to truthfully and accurately share the awe-inspiring innovations of your clients.
Most importantly, check out The Show About Science, which is hosted by eight-year-old Nick Butkus. Take this one as a constant reminder that the world is full of magical things.

Are there any other great life science podcasts we should be listening to? Let us know!